What Trump Just Did for This Supporter is BEYOND AMAZING


President Trump held a surprise rally while spending the weekend in Florida. Oh, you didn’t hear about it? Well, you can thank the anti-Trump mainstream media for that.

They probably didn’t cover the event because the MASSIVE crowd that showed up made Trump look too good.

Yes, thousands turned up for this impromptu rally. Some even waiting in line from the early hours of the morning so they could be in the front row to support their president.

One of those who waited hours was interviewed by a local TV station. The man expressed his love and support for Trump.

Well, it appears the president was watching that interview.

Because during the rally, Trump suddenly spotted that same man in the front row of the crowd and shouted out:

“I saw this man on television just now. He said I love Trump. Let Trump do what he has to do. That’s my guy right there.”

The president then did something unbelievable. He told the Secret Service to stand down and invited the man up on stage.

And Trump didn’t stop there. Rather than merely thank the man and shake his hand, the president embraced him.

The stunned crowd went wild.

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H/T Independent Journal Review

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