What Trump ISN’T Posting to Twitter Says a LOT About Him


Donald Trump is dominating the headlines. And so is his behavior on Twitter.

While most liberals are focusing on the aggressive tone of his tweets, it’s what Trump isn’t posting that’s more important.

As Allen West astutely noted, Trump has yet to use the phrase “the mess I inherited” when tweeting about his upcoming role as commander-in-chief.

That’s odd. Because it was a phrase used repeatedly by Barack and Michelle Obama after his first victory in 2008. In fact, he used it again after winning his second term in 2012. Even though he was inheriting what he himself had done in the first term.

But Trump? No, he’s too busy actually being a leader. Even before taking office.

Trump is proud of his victory, to be sure. And he’s not shy about telling people so. But, unlike Obama, that’s not all he’s doing.

Again, Trump is still a month away from taking office. And already he’s met with the leaders of the tech industry, made important calls to strategic world allies, and worked to bring jobs back to America.

And he’s just getting going.

Obama could barely boast that many achievements after his entire first term!

Actions Speak Louder

But it all comes back to social media.

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After winning his elections, Obama preened ceaselessly on social media.

Trump has been vocal, too, but he’s let his actions do most of the talking.

Actions do speak louder than words, and it’s what Trump isn’t saying that gives you the true measure of our next president.

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