What Trump Did on Tuesday Should Be Required Watching for All Future Presidents


President Trump is busy giving a master course for all future commanders-in-chief interested in instilling confidence in our allies and encouraging the respect and loyalty of our troops.

Earlier this week, Trump was in Japan, where he made it abundantly clear to our allies there that his America stands firmly them in facing down the North Korean threat.

There was no doubt that Trump left Japan feeling much more at ease than the Asian power did when Obama was in the White House.

From there, Trump hopped over to South Korea to again reassure a stalwart ally.

He was also spotted getting real with American troops stationed there.

It’s the type of thing you’d never have caught Obama doing. Obama was far too smug (and too hostile toward our military) to actually dine with low-ranking troops.

Not Trump. And that’s why they love him.

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H/T Red State Watcher

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