What Saudi King Did to Melania Trump Has Muslims HOWLING


President Trump landed in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, and immediately King Salman sparked controversy in his very first personal contact with Trump and First Lady Melania.

And it wasn’t just political controversy. What King Salman did sent shock waves throughout the Muslim world.

It seems like a small thing.

Something we in the West simply take for granted.

But, when King Salman reached down and not only took, but kissed the hand of Melania Trump, a woman who dared show up with her head uncovered, Muslims around the world were ENRAGED.

In what we can only assume was a series of subtle jabs at Saudi Arabia’s abysmal record on women’s rights, Melania Trump went ALL OUT.

She showed up wearing pants. Like a man! GASP! Big no-no in Islam.

She showed up with her head uncovered. Again, tremendous disrespect.

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And then she presented her bare hand to the king.

Remember, this king is the guardian of the Muslim world’s most sacred shrines.

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