What Paul Ryan Did During Trump Inauguration Has Americans CHEERING


Trump is going to be the first Republican president in a very long time to have a Republican Senate and House behind him.

Of course, there was some concern that Republican control of Congress wouldn’t help Trump all that much, since he had taken on and demolished the Republican establishment.

But as Trump transitioned into the role of our 45th president, the Republican Congress started to fall in line.

At Friday’s inauguration, Speaker Paul Ryan demonstrated that when it comes to issues important to all Americans, Trump can count on majority Republican support in the House.

As Trump laid out his agenda, and unabashedly called out the corrupt Washington establishment, Ryan was caught on camera enthusiastically shaking his head “YES”.

Later that day, Ryan made a touching and heart-felt toast to Vice President Mike Pence, as Trump looked on pleased.

A day earlier, when he was still president-elect, Trump told reporters that while he and Ryan had not always seen eye-to-eye in the past, he was “starting to really, really love Paul.”

“I just want the world to know we’re doing very well together,” said Trump. “I love Paul. I don’t know if Paul is here. He’s out writing legislation. He’s got so much legislation to write. He never had it so good. He’s actually got somebody that’s gonna sign it.”

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