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What Passengers Did for This Airline Pilot Will Leave You in Tears


This one will restore your faith in humanity, or at least part of it.

Brian Lenzen had just completed his final flight after 34 years as a pilot for American Airlines.

His passengers weren’t about to let the occasion pass quietly.

Kare 11 reports:

When he flew his final flight on June 24, he chose Dublin as the destination and got to hand-pick most of his crew. He says they celebrated at a Dublin pub and had a “wonderful time.”

On the way back, a choir that happened to be on board his flight asked the flight attendant if they could sing for him.

When Lenzen got off the plane, they launched into an Irish blessing.

“I’m walking off the jet bridge and I hear this singing going on, and I’m like, ‘What the heck is going on up here?'” he recalled.

The video of Lenzen listening to the choir, wiping his eyes with a handkerchief, has been shared from the American Airlines page more than 2,600 times. Well wishes are pouring in from hundreds of people on the post.

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