What Obama Just Did On His Latest Lavish Vacation Will Make You SICK


Millions of Americans are struggling just to feed their families right now thanks to the ridiculous policies put forth by Barack Hussein Obama.

However, that hasn’t stopped him from shamelessly spending $85 million of our tax dollars to fund his lavish vacations during his presidency.

This week, Obama is adding to this figure with a multi-million dollar, 17-day vacation to Hawaii with his family.

Despite the fact that the world was rocked by a devastating ISIS terrorist attack in Berlin this week, Obama has continued on his extravagant vacation without a care in the world.

Yahoo News reported that Obama left the mansion his family is renting in Kailua at 9:30am to head to the gym. He then spent the afternoon golfing with friends, something he has done nearly every day of his vacation so far.

This comes days after the Obamas spent an entire night partying on our dime at Vintage Cave, a French-Japanese and sushi restaurant with an extensive art collection.

They reportedly stayed there for hours, undoubtedly partying without a care in the world despite the fact that ISIS has launched multiple terror attacks already this week.

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