Christians Refused to Deny Jesus, Then Muslims Did This


Where was the Obama Administration? Where is our mainstream media? Christians are being killed for refusing to deny Jesus, and they are silent?

You can rest assured that if the situation was flipped – if Christians were killing Muslims for refusing to denounce Islam – the media would be ALL OVER IT.

The situation is most severe in war-torn Syria.

A great many Christians who could otherwise flee are staying behind to help their fellow man, in accordance with Jesus’ teachings.

And those who are caught by ISIS or any of a number of other jihadist groups, are brutally executed when they refuse to deny Jesus and become Muslims.

“Syria is getting torn apart and evil is all around us. We can touch evil and feel it. It is heavy on our hearts,” Pastor Edward, a Christian leader from Syria, told The Christian Post.

“But we also experience truth of the living Jesus Christ. It is encouraging though to me to see Isaiah 60, which says the light rises up on the church and His glory is on the church,” he continued.

Pastor Edward recalled that a young Christian boy could have sought shelter or fled when Muslim extremists approached his village. Instead, he told his mother, “Jesus said, ‘If you deny me, I will deny you.'” The boy was captured by jihadists and killed.

Another man, a Christian doctor, chose to stay in Syria to help the wounded. He was captured by ISIS and gruesomely executed on camera. “The video is so shocking and it gives me great pain,” said Pastor Edward.

This is true faith. This is true courage, the kind that only God can give. And it’s not deemed newsworthy by our media. How sad…

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