What Michelle Obama Did During Trump’s Inauguration Will Make You SCREAM


We’ve already said it a thousand times. But it’s worth repeating a thousand more. Michelle Obama was the most classless and ungrateful woman to ever be called First Lady of the United States.

And she proved it, yet again, during Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Shortly before the ceremony, our new, classy First Lady, Melania Trump, gave Michelle a gift. It was a classy gesture.

Michelle’s reaction, caught on camera, was much less so.

As you can see, liberals had a field day with Michelle Obama’s blatant demonstration of disrespect. That’s why we’ve had enough of liberals in charge, and why Trump won.

But Michelle wasn’t done being disrespectful.

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Just after Trump delivered his first speech as president, this was how Michelle Obama looked at the cameras:

Thank God this woman no longer in any way represents America.

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