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What Israel Said to America’s Ambassador After Obama’s Betrayal


Israel made a great public show of reprimanding the ambassadors from the nations that voted against it at the UN Security Council last week.

While the US was the only nation to abstain in the vote, it failed to use its veto to defend the Jewish state. Even though every president before Obama had done so.

But that didn’t prevent US Ambassador Dan Shapiro from being summoned along with the others.

On Christmas Day, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded the ambassadors of every nation sitting on the Security Council come in for a dressing down.

A source in the Israeli government said making the ambassadors come in on Christmas was deliberate.

Once at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ambassadors were NOT greeting with their nations’ flags. They were NOT treated to any diplomatic small-talk. And they were NOT offered any refreshments.

Each was brought in and unceremoniously reprimanded, and then sent on his or her way.

Shapiro was treated a little differently, given that the US had not exactly voted against Israel. He was brought in for a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And he was also subjected to Israel’s great displeasure. And it’s looking forward to the end of Obama’s presidency.

Some ambassadors tried to protest, and to refuse to answer the summons. But in the end, all fell in line and made the drive to Jerusalem, the city that the UN claims doesn’t belong to the Jewish people.

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