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What Happened To This Girl Has Everyone In Tears


The nation of Israel is in tears over the ordeal of 4-year-old Dina “Dinush” Rivkin.

But they are tears of joy and thanksgiving!

In a Facebook post from her daughter’s bedside following a complicated surgery on her esophagus, Chaya Rivkin wrote:

“Dinush, you are healthy!

“You are now like all the other children at school!

“You can eat anything! The Sabbath fish you always asked for, the bread with cheese and the eggs you so love.

“Dinush, my hero! My angel!

“You’ve endured so much anesthesia and surgery. But it is now over.

“Tonight we will no longer connect you to beeping devices!

“You will go to school and no one will point or laugh at you. You will be the most beautiful girl in the class!

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“The tears. The happiness. The joy.

“Dinush, I love you so very much.”

As her mother’s post indicated, Dina Rivkin was born with severe complications. And she had not yet been able to have a normal childhood. In fact, her life had constantly been in danger.

All that is now behind the Rivkin family. Chaya said it was as though her daughter had been “born again.”

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