What Happened on Stage When an Actor Dressed as Trump Walked In is DISTURBING! New York Times Sponsored This…


Liberals just can’t wait for President Trump to be killed. Kathy Griffin isn’t the only one.

The New York Times allegedly sponsors a play in which a President Donald Trump-lookalike gets assassinated.

According to Big League Politics’ Cassandra Fairbanks, the play in question is a Public Theater production of ‘Julius Caesar.’

“The play, a contemporary update on the original, does not refer to the president by name – but their Caesar character holds a striking resemblance to Trump and his wife to the First Lady,” Fairbanks writes.

Throughout the play, the character – who wears a Trump-style red tie and long coat – reportedly tweets from his bathtub and appears onstage fully nude “before being stabbed to death by senators as an American Flag stands beside them.”


“I always go to see Shakespeare in the park but I wasn’t expecting to see this,” said Laura Sheaffer, who saw the play last weekend, to Mediaite. “To be honest I thought it was shocking and distasteful. If this had happened to any other President – even as recently as Barack Obama or George W. Bush – it would not have flown. People would have been horrified.”

The New York Times has reportedly not responded to requests for comment on its apparent sponsorship of the play.

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