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What Happened in the Skies Over Israel is Being Called an Act of God


The numbers just don’t add up.

In such a broad aerial campaign with so many anti-aircraft missiles flying, at least one plane should have been hit.

But, in Israel, most people have come to expect the miraculous. And many people see what happened in the north of Israel earlier this month as a clear example of Divine Intervention.

Two weeks ago, Iranian forces based in Syria fired 32 missiles at Israel.

Israel responded with a massive aerial assault that destroyed dozens of Iranian installations across the war-torn neighboring state.

Dozens of Israeli planes were involved. For the Syrians and their Iranian allies to be able to down just ONE would have been hailed as a major victory over the hated “Zionist” enemy.

According to Israel Air Force Chief-of-Staff Gen. Amikam Norkin, the Syrians did their very best to achieve that objective.

Norkin told a gathering of foreign air force chiefs near Tel Aviv that Syrian air defenses fired more than 100 anti-aircraft missiles at the Israelis.

And they didn’t manage to hit even one.

Such a resounding success has value far beyond the achievement of the immediate military objectives. It further solidifies the belief shared today by many in the Arab world that something or SOMEONE is aiding Israel and bringing them victory.

Source: Ynet (Hebrew)

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