What Donald Trump Did to Whitney Houston Years Ago Was Just Revealed, and It’s Going Viral


Liberals will tell you that President Donald Trump is a hateful bigot who cares for no one and nothing but himself.

As proof of his supposed narcissism, the mainstream media has been gleefully reporting on and mocking Trump’s Oval Office meeting with rapper Kanye West.

To be fair, Kanye is a bit bizarre, and definitely over the top.

Of course, in focusing so much attention on Kanye, the media has largely ignored the other mega-stars who met with Trump this week, including Beach Boys singer Mike Love, who had some pretty revealing things to say about the president.

As a celebrity himself, Trump has known some of these people personally for decades. And it’s something Trump did decades ago for the legendary Whitney Houston that Love wanted everyone to know about.

“I remember you tried your best to help get Whitney Houston in some kind of shape. I remember being at Mar-a-Lago with this guy right here,” said Love, pointing to the president. “You tried your best to help Whitney and she’s not the only one you’ve benefited and tried. People can say what they want, but you’ve always been a big supporter of some of the best music that America has ever made.”

As everyone knows, in addition to being one of the greatest singers of her generation, Whitney Houston was also African-American. Kind of odd that a man who’s supposedly the biggest racist in the country would go out of his way to help her.

Via Rolling Stone

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