What Democrats Did in Georgia Election is Exactly What They Accuse Russia of Doing For Trump


The Democrats’ hypocrisy has again been laid bare.

They rail about Russia’s alleged interference in the presidential election, leading to Trump’s upset victory of Hillary Clinton.

And yet, here were the Democrats engaging in “foreign” interference in Georgia’s recent special election.

Turns out Democrat Jon Ossoff received THOUSANDS of donations from OUTSIDE Georgia to help him win, and thereby censure the Trump Administration.

Well, Ossoff didn’t win, because Americans don’t trust the Democrats. But what these hypocrites did to try to get him elected is despicable, and Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld called them out.

Greg Gutfeld pointed out similarities between Russia attempting to undermine the American presidential election, and coastal liberals trying to affect a House race in Georgia.

Gutfeld said donations to Ossoff came from 7,000 Californians and 800 Georgians.

He said Hollywood celebrities like Chelsea Handler and George Takei dumped money into Ossoff’s campaign.

“How is this not similar?” he asked. “How is California not Russia and Georgia not America?”

He called it a case of “aristocratic outsiders instructing the rubes on how to vote – undermining an election thousands of miles away.”

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