What China Just Did to Defy Trump Could Lead to War in the Pacific


Tensions are high in the Pacific.

While President Trump is determined to stop North Korea, Russia and China are taking the opportunity to flex their muscles and remind America that there are other big dogs on the block.

The problem with such grandstanding is that one wrong move could lead to war.

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For instance, China’s purposefully sailing it’s lone aircraft carrier WAY too close to Taiwan, which Beijing still claims as its own.

Reuters reports:

Chinese aircraft carrier the Liaoning entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone early on Wednesday morning on its way back from Hong Kong and is being monitored, Taiwan’s defense ministry said, adding there was no cause for alarm.

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Oh, but there is cause for alarm.

There was no reason for the Liaoning to come that close to Taiwan unless China was making a statement, a statement of defiance against President Trump and his promise to protect Taiwan’s sovereignty.

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And given that Taiwan is justifiably nervous about such incidents, despite what its leaders say publicly, all it would take is one spark to make the entire region explode, with American forced to enter the fray.

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