What California Wants to Do to Your Children Should NOT Be Allowed


So, let’s get this straight–liberals hoot and howl and get the 10 Commandments and Christian prayer booted out of public schools, but then they do this?!

If parents have the right to reject the “religious indoctrination” of their children, then surely we also have the right to reject political indoctrination.

California, however, has decided that parents do NOT have that right.

Recently, California passed a law denying parents the right to opt their elementary-age children out of a new curriculum that promotes the LGBT agenda.

As of right now, schools throughout the state are teaching children as young as five-years-old to embrace homosexuality and transgenderism. And there’s nothing parents can do about it, unless they can afford pricey private schools.

The curriculum goes so far as to shamelessly rewrite history to make it seem as though homosexuality and transgenderism played a much bigger role than they did in the development of America.

Via Persecution in America:

The curriculum’s authors further took it upon themselves to assign gay and lesbian labels to various historical figures who never married. For instance, eighth graders will now be taught that legendary stagecoach driver Charlie Parkhurst “was a woman who identified as a man.” The textbooks also state that George Washington’s chief of staff, Baron Von Steuben, “may have been gay.”

None of this is in any way historically accurate, of course. Back in the old days before terms like gay and lesbian even existed as an “identity,” many men and women alike fostered deep relationships with people of the same sex that were not necessarily sexual in nature, but that were still meaningful.

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