‘What BS’: Lindsey Graham Calls Biden ‘The President Of Empty Promises’ For Pledging To ‘Hunt Down’ Terrorists


Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday on “Hannity” that President Joe Biden is “the president of empty promises”  and said he the U. S. must “bleed the Taliban dry.”

“President Biden is the president of empty threats,” Graham told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “He said on television, if you hurt one American, we will hunt you down. What B. S.,” Graham continued, suggesting that the U.S. should recognize the vice president of the former government as the “legitimate constitutional leader of Afghanistan.”

The senator said it is necessary to take back the surrendered Bagram airbase and connect it to the Panjshir Valley and that the U. S. “should bleed the Taliban dry by allowing Afghans who hate these bastards the capability to fight back and if we’ll do that, we will be safer. If we abandon Afghanistan more, another 9/11 is coming your way.”

Graham said he is opposed to leaving any Americans or any of “our allies behind,” adding that he is “not for a terrorist group r… (Read more)

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