What Barack and Michelle Obama Were Just Spotted Doing Will Make Your BLOOD BOIL


Barack Obama was arrogant, incompetent and a total disaster while he was in the White House. And don’t get us started on that obnoxious creature he calls his wife.

But now that Barack and Michelle are OUT of the White House, their behavior is absolutely infuriating.

The Obamas have all but proved that their entire presidency was about little more than securing their own legacy and celebrity.

They didn’t actually care about America. Hell, Michelle said as much on numerous occasions.

What they were spotted doing this week is just one example of how the Obamas see themselves – as SUPERSTARS.

According to the Daily Mail, Barack and Michelle spent the weekend on the massive yacht of music mogul David Geffen cavorting with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springstein.

And they did that in the midst of a “vacation” in French Polynesia that is already entering its SECOND MONTH.

Yes, after leaving the White House, the Obamas have gone on vacation for over a full month.

As if all the vacations they took while still IN the White House weren’t enough.

You’ll also notice that they are conveniently vacationing in regions where US law enforcement can’t reach them.

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Smart move, considering all the scandals regarding the illegal activity of the Obama White House that are suddenly springing up.

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