Journalist Who Exposed Clinton Corruption Killed in Car Bombing


A fierce journalist who for years made waves by exposing the corruption of the rich and powerful, including the Clintons, has been killed in what appears to be a car bombing.

Daphne Caruana Galizia died late last month in her native Malta when her car suddenly exploded into a ball of fire.

Galizia had most recently been exposing the corruption of Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

But not long ago, she was celebrated for exposing what’s now known as the “Panama Papers,” 11.5 million leaked documents detailing the financial information of over 200,000 offshore accounts.

Contained in the Panama Papers was evidence of criminal elements financing the political careers of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, and their unethical use of offshore tax shelters.

Some are trying to vaguely brush off the explosion as a “tragic incident,” but Galizia’s son said in remarks carried by the Guardian that this was clearly a political hit.

While some may refer to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death as “tragic,” her son said he believes “this was no ordinary murder and it was not tragic.” He argued that “when there is blood and fire all around you, that’s war. We are a people at war against the state and organized crime, which have become indistinguishable.”

Whether or not the Clintons were involved in Galizia’s death (and, given their track record, that’s by no means beyond the realm of the possible), this fierce crusader for the truth deserves to be honored.

H/T Patriot News Watch

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