What a SICK JOKE. Obama’s Presidential Library to Cost $1.5 BILLION. Wait Till You See WHY…


Barack Obama was the most arrogant, obnoxious and unpatriotic president we’ve ever had.

And he’s continuing the trend by turning his presidential library project into a ridiculously overpriced monument to himself.

The Obama Center to be built in Chicago has a current estimated price tag of $1.5 BILLION!

That’s THREE TIMES MORE than the cost of the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

Why so much more expensive?

Well, in addition to a library, the Obama Center will include a massive museum celebrating the personal life stories of both Barack and Michelle Obama.

It’s not about America. It’s about the Obamas.

And with federal regulations now requiring that presidential library projects raise enough money to cover annual operating costs, such a large center is going to need a LOT of money.

I guess the bright side is that with it requiring such a massive endowment, the Obama Center will likely either have to be scaled back or not get built at all.

Here’s what the Obama Center is currently planned to look like:

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Planned Obama Center in Chicago

Source: Page Six

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