WH Memo Says Trump Wants to Use NATIONAL GUARD to Round Up Illegals


A memo that reportedly came from the White House says President Trump is looking to mobilize the National Guard to round up illegal immigrants.

According to the memo, as many as 100,000 guardsmen could be called up to deport the nearly 14 million illegals currently on American soil.

The proposal includes four states situated along the Mexican border – California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Governors in those states would have the option of mobilizing their National Guard forces (under state authority) to assist ICE agents in finding and arresting illegals.

The report noted that such memos are “routinely issued to supplement executive orders,” and do not constitute an executive order themselves.

In other words, Trump did not ORDER the call-up of the National Guard to round up illegals. But he authorized their use, if needed.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was eager to stress the difference during a briefing in which reporters accused Trump of effectively declaring war on illegal immigrants.

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What do you think? Should President Trump make a major military call-up to speed up the deportation of illegals?

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