“WE’RE NOT HEROES, WE’RE JUST SOLDIERS” Check What British Soldiers Did When The Shots Rang Out While Training in Vegas


“WE’RE NOT HEROES, WE’RE JUST SOLDIERS” These British soldiers saved countless of American lives. We owe them for running toward the danger to save Americans.

British troops on leave in Las Vegas during the mass shooting have revealed how they ran through screaming crowds to save the wounded.

Speaking for the first time since the massacre on Sunday night, they said used pillows, tea towels, belts and their shirts as makeshift tourniquets to stop the injured bleeding out as dead bodies lay around them.

In an emotional interview, Trooper Ross Woodward, 23, said he used his army training to try and save a man who had been shot in his back but he tragically died as he was holding his hand.

Six troopers from the Queen’s Dragoon Guards were in Las Vegas on the night Stephen Paddock killed 58 people.

The British troopers had been taking part in desert training in Nevada and were on leave in the city drinking and visiting casinos at the time.
Check what they said in a recent interview:

‘At first we just believed it was fireworks and then there was chaos. Everyone was screaming the ‘gun man’s coming’.

‘I wouldn’t consider myself a hero – I just think any soldier would have done the same in our position.

‘You are never off duty. You always have this level of professionalism about yourself, where you feel like you should help, you should be there to help people.
‘You have got the background, you have got the training to help people, so why wouldn’t you.’

Trooper Astbury, 22, from Ruthin, North Wales, said: ‘I hope we saved lives, I like to think we did what we could.’

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