Well, Well, Well, Look Who’s Been Caught Lying To The FBI


Former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin has been caught in her own web of lies. Despite stating under oath that she did not back up her emails with Clinton, examination of the emails released by the State Department show otherwise.

From Huma Abedin backed up copies of her emails with Hillary Clinton to her pervert husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop, can disclose – conflicting with her account to the FBI and in court that she did not preserve the conversations.

An examination by of emails released by the State Department shows that backup copies of many of Abedin’s work-related messages with Clinton were created in the dates after Clinton left the State Department in early 2013.

The emails, released at the end of December, show that they had been put on Weiner’s laptop by a BlackBerry archiving program.

A tech expert told that Abedin would have to have activated the backup program and may well have plugged her device into the laptop – raising further questions over her testimony to the FBI.

Abedin was Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department and remains her closest aide.

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