Well, Well, Well – Look Which Congressman Was Just Caught Taking a Bribe


There are few things more despicable–and more contrary to the spirit of our Constitution–than a congressman accepting bribes to advance an agenda that most Americans oppose.

One of the big liberal agendas opposed by a majority in this country is so-called “gun control,” or, more accurately, the repeal of the Second Amendment and the forced seizure of all private arms.

Barack Obama was a major proponent of this agenda, and repeatedly exploited tragic criminal and terrorist shootings to assault the Second Amendment.

And Obama’s top comrade-in-arms (pun intended) in this effort was always Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Now, Manchin previously insisted that he never offers quid pro quo when receiving money from political donors. The question came up after Manchin voted to remove a “stream protection rule” just as one of his major donors was poisoning a natural reservoir.

Get ready for a shock… It turns out Manchin might have been lying!

The Washington Times has learned that Manchin also received considerable donations from the law firm Paul, Weiss.

Paul, Weiss has made the news before after one of its attorney’s was caught distributing anti-America propaganda to inmates at Guantanamo.

The law firm is also well known as a leader in pushing gun control.

And they’ve been giving big bucks to Manchin, who in turn has led many a charge in the Senate to take guns away from Americans.

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Coincidence? Of course not.

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