Well, Well, Well – Look What John McCain Said About Obamacare Just 9 MONTHS AGO!


It’s unfortunate to have to call out a former prisoner of war like this, but John McCain has turned out to be nothing but a two-faced liar.

He’s just as willing as any Democrat to tell the voters one thing, and then do the complete opposite once in Washington.

In fact, that’s precisely what McCain did last week when his critical tie-breaking vote saved Obamacare.

Just nine months earlier, when McCain was running for reelection as one of two senators from the great state of Arizona, he had this to say of Obamacare:

“More bad Obamacare news: Arizonans will face premium hikes of 51-75% nxt yr – another indictment of this failed law”

Later that same day, McCain again tweeted, adding:

“Arizona families are demanding affordability, accessibility & choice in health care – not expensive, restrictive & poor quality Obamacare”

So, McCain knows that his own constituents don’t want Obamacare, and he has pledged to represent them.

But, McCain dislikes Trump SOOOO much that he’s willing to toss aside the will of the people to take a petty swipe at the president?!

Even though he agrees with repealing Obamacare?!?!?!

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The word treason is being thrown around a lot, and it’s not out of place here.

John McCain has quite literally betrayed the people of Arizona who he claims to represent. He promised to help defeat Obamacare, and they voted him back into office based at least in part on that promise.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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