Well, Well, Well – Feinstein and Obama Conspired to Do Something Potentially Illegal to Immigrants


President Trump is under heavy fire from Democrats for taking unilateral action in dealing with the dangerous flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border.

Never mind that it’s ILLEGAL immigration. Everyone seems too worried about whether or not Trump’s actions are in accordance with the law.

Of course, in so doing, Democrats are very conveniently forgetting what their man, Barack Obama, did during a similar crisis in 2014.

It was at that time that Sen. Dianne Feinstein, one of the ringleaders accusing Trump of abusing his power, that encouraged then-President Obama to, well, do exactly the same thing.

“There is also an argument that there is sufficient flexibility in current law for the government to respond to the current crisis and that further legislation is not needed,” Feinstein wrote in a letter to Obama.

That’s right. Dianne Feinstein told Obama that he could pretty much just do whatever he saw fit, so long as he prevented all those dirty immigrants from crossing the border.

And this happened just FOUR years ago.

Why do Democrats have such a short memory?

H/T Conservative Tribune

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