Well, well, well – Democrats Are Keeping Their Dirty Money After Being Caught Red-Handed!


The Democratic Party leadership was just caught red-handed taking money from a known womanizer and sexual offender.

Even as they hypocritically accused President Trump of being anti-woman. Hillary Clinton and others went so far as to suggest women who voted Trump simply weren’t in their right mind.

And all the while, Hillary, Barack Obama and many of the Democratic Party’s biggest names were happily taking large donations from Hollywood hotshot Harvey Weinstein.

The same Harvey Weinstein who’s been exposed as a serial sexual harasser.

Now, no one’s buying for one moment that Hillary and the others didn’t know about Weinstein’s behavior long ago. They were too close to not know.

But what’s important now is how the Democrats react after Weinstein’s sins have been laid bare.

And, well, while they claimed to have given back Weinstein’s cash, they didn’t actually.

To be clear, the Democratic National Committee, which as a body received large sums from Weinstein, as did numerous individual politicians, donated a very small portion of Weinstein’s donations to an activist group.

A Democratic activist group.

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They kept the rest of Weinstein’s dirty money.

H/T Red State Watcher

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