WELL WELL… Look Who We Found having a Drink with Putin


Democrats are attacking AG Sessions for meeting with Russia’s ambassador before Trump was elected.

The controversy being, as the Post reported, that these were “encounters he did not disclose when asked about possible contacts between members of President Trump’s campaign and representatives of Moscow during Sessions’s confirmation hearing to become attorney general.”

Sessions’ defense is that he was speaking in the context of campaign matters. His spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said that “there was absolutely nothing misleading about his answer because Sessions was asked during the hearing about communications between Russia and the Trump campaign and not about meetings he took as a member of the Armed Services Committee.”

A number of people are already calling for his resignation, among them Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Remember, Sessions was asked if there were any meetings with Russia regarding the Trump campaign. To that question, the answer is no.

BUT… as the Left remains hysterical over Russia, does this mean they’ll also support purging their fellow Democrats who’ve spoken to Russian ambassadors?

Hey Chuck Schumer — When will you be packing up your Senate offices and Resigning? Glass houses. #ResignSchumer

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Russian evidence is piling up on @SenSchumer who could be a Russian plant! Killer Putin rumored to have Chuck pee pee photos!

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Will Democrats use a double standard as usual?

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