Well, Well – Look What Bill Clinton Wrote to Jeff Sessions in 1993


Every time you think Liberal hypocrisy can’t get any worse, they surprise you.

The mainstream media and Democrats everywhere are currently FREAKING OUT over Attorney General Jeff Sessions firing 46 US Attorneys who were appointed by Obama.

The manner of their outrage would suggest this type of thing has never happened before, and that President Trump is breaking all rules of decency.

In fact, that’s precisely what they are saying:

Just one HUGE problem.

Every new president has done this, because it is every new president’s prerogative to put his own appointees in place to serve his administration.

The fact of the matter is that Trump and Sessions fired MUCH FEWER appointees than previous Democrat presidents.

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The Federalist Papers dug up a real gem – this is then-President Bill Clinton’s letter to US Attorney Jeff Sessions (a Bush appointee) demanding his resignation in 1993:


For Democrats and the mainstream media to completely ignore this and to act like Trump is doing something horrific and unprecedented goes beyond disingenuous.

Hypocrite, thy name is liberal.

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