Well, Look who Paul Manafort Worked for during Alleged Criminal Activities


President Donald Trump’s onetime campaign chairman, Paul Manafort was indicted on 12 counts related to hiding foreign payments, including one count of “conspiracy against the United States.”

Manafort’s former longtime business partner, Rick Gates, also was charged in the 31 page indictment, made public on Monday. Gates and Manafort both surrendered to authorities on Monday morning.

Mueller’s team looked into the Trump campaign, went down various rabbit holes, and wound up in Paul Manafort’s tax returns circa 2012, well before Donald Trump considered running for office.

The Paul Manafort indictment is for alleged criminal activities BEFORE he joined the Trump campaign.

According to reports, Manafort suspicious wire transfers are from 2012. — when he was working with Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager.

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