Well, Look how much the Russians gave to John Podesta’s Company


Kremlin-backed Russian entity called RUSNANO gave $35 million to John Podesta’s company while he advised Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

According to a recent report from Schweizer’s group, involves John Podesta’s time on the board of Joule Unlimited, a small Massachusetts-based energy company.

Just two months after Podesta joined the company it received an investment of $35 million from Rusnano, an investment firm founded by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The amount of compensation that Podesta received for his contribution to the company is unclear. While disclosure papers for Joule Unlimited were filed, Podesta did not disclose his work for Joule Global Stichting, a related entity.

Podesta is part of a larger problem in our country where former, high profile officials take advantage of the revolving door between government service and the corporate sector, and help shape the law to protect it.


H/T: Fox News

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