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Welfare Queen With 12 Kids Collects More In Benefits Than You Make In Entire Year…


When people talk about abuse of the welfare system, this is what they are talking about. According to reports, a petition has just been introduced to take benefits away from a mother of 12, after she revealed her plans to undergo breast enhancement surgery.

Cheryl Prudham of Skelmersdale, Britain reportedly receives more than $52,000 each year in benefits from the government. She recently appeared on ITV’s “This Morning” show, where she revealed she was having breast enhancement surgery and on was on the hunt for a sperm donor for her 13th baby.

Now, Siobhan Titzell has introduced a petition demanding that Prime Minister David Cameron “Sanction Cheryl Prudham’s Benefits.” It has garnered more than 13,400 signatures in just four weeks.

“Last I checked, benefits are there to support those in need, not for plastic surgery procedures!” the petition’s description reads. “What worries me is this woman gets overall [$52,000] from the state and has been on more holidays than I have the past few years and has been parading around in designer goods I can only dream of.

However, just think what that [$52,000] could achieve elsewhere.

That [$52,000] could be put back in the system and be put towards a breakthrough cancer drug to [be] made available on the NHS, in fact it could be used for the NHS is general as it is currently in crisis, or it could simply go to others who are in need of benefits and are simply unfit to work through no fault of their own.”

The petition also tackles the fact that Prudham revealed that she purposely works only part time so that she can avoid the $34,000 benefits cap.

“This woman works under 16 hours so that she avoids the benefits cap so she is clearly fit to work [while] others are not so fortunate. I am all for the benefit system as it helps people in so many ways but when it is being used for cosmetic surgery and not being [put] towards your children to feed them and clothe them I see this as abuse when there are people in serious need.

Children should not be used as weapons for selfish gain.”

Despite outrage, Prudham is not apologizing for her actions, “If that’s what they are giving me, I am going to take it. So if I can have another child and the government is allowing me to do that, I am going to do that.”

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What do you think? Is this completely outrageous abuse of the system?

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