Website Behind Hit Piece Claiming Trump Called Dead Troops ‘Losers’, Owned By A Biden Mega-Donor, Laurene Jobs


OPINION | The known publication ‘The Atlantic” published a shockingly absurd article, featuring anonymous ‘sources,’ entitled ‘Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers.’

There are plenty of things you can attack President Trump on as the man is not perfect, but his respect for the troops and law enforcement is not one of them.

John Roberts, Fox News’ White House Correspondent, tore apart the false narrative with eyewitness accounts and email transcripts.

Well, it should not be much of a shock that the source of the nonsense, The Atlantic, just so happens to be owned by … an uber rich, ivory tower, far left, big tech heiress and a social justice operation.

CNet.com, a website which covers the tech world reported back at the end of July, 2o17, that:

‘Laurene Jobs is buying The Atlantic magazine

Steve Jobs’ widow and the Emerson Collective will purchase a majority share in the magazine, according to Atlantic Media owner David Bradley.’

Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, will soon co-own The Atlantic magazine

Chairman and current owner of Atlantic Media David G. Bradley said Friday that he’ll be selling the majority of the magazine to Emerson Collective, the social justice organization led by Jobs.

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