We Can’t Stop Laughing Over This Photoshopped Pic of Kanye and Obama


Barack Obama was the most ridiculous president we ever had.

What was even more ridiculous was how liberals treated him as some kind of messianic savior.

Remember when they awarded Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing more than winning the 2008 presidential election?!

Well, now it’s taking someone equally ridiculous, Kanye West, to expose the ridiculous behavior of liberals.

Kanye has made no secret of his support for President Trump and his disappointment over most Black Americans automatically backing the Democratic Party.

One clever observer combined Kanye’s previous defining moment when he interrupted the acceptance speech of award-winning singer Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards (VMAs) with Obama’s Nobel win.

Kanye had interrupted Taylor Swift because he felt that Beyonce deserved the win for Best Album that year.

Quite similarly, while Obama most definitely did not deserve a Nobel Prize, it turns out that President Trump does.

Even many liberals are now being forced to admit that if North and South Korea conclude a peace agreement, Trump deserves all the credit.

Via Conservative Tribune

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