Waukesha Suspect Shared Posts Promoting Violence Towards White People


The suspect accused of plowing into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin and killing five on Sunday shared social media posts promoting violence towards white people.

Today, eight-year-old Jackson Sparks was named by relatives as the sixth victim, having died in hospital from his injuries.

A now-deleted Facebook account belonging to Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, showed the alleged killer had encouraged knocking ‘white ppl [the f**k] out’ and also appeared to support the controversial Black Hebrew Israelites.

Brooks was charged on Tuesday with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide and is expected to face more charges.

Police are yet to determine the motive behind the deadly rampage, however, records reveal Brooks is a career criminal with a rap sheet dating back to 1999 and had been bailed twice this year.

Facebook posts also show the amateur rapper, who went by his stage name, MathBoi Fly, had shared a series of links and memes relating to race and white privilege in June 2020, when protests erupted over the death of George Floyd.

Five of the six victims – all white – who died on Sunday were aged 52 to 82 and part of a Waukesha club known as the Dancing Grannies.

On June 9, 2020, Brooks wrote: ‘LEARNED ND TAUGHT BEHAVIOR!! so when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out ion wanna hear it…the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD..’ followed by a middle finger and expletive emoji.

He also shared an article from ESPN that same day about NBA player Kyle Kuzma breaking down ‘his belief of what white privilege’, to which Brooks commented: ‘interesting’.

Brooks had also shared a post about a white cop being ‘violent towards peaceful protestors’, six days earlier.

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The posts are among several that have emerged in the wake of his arrest after  allegedly driving his red Ford SUV in a crowd of kids and elderly dancing groups during a Christmas parade in the Milwaukee suburb.

Brooks’s troubling track record has raised questions as to why he had been allowed on the streets and his motives.

Among the brow-raising social media posts that surfaced on Tuesday is a meme about Adolf Hitler and the identity of the ‘real Jews’.

The graphic – posted on November 2015 – claimed negros are ‘the true Hebrews’ and that America had moved ‘false white Jews into a state of Israel’.

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The post seemed to promote the views of the Black Hebrew Israelites who believe African Americans are literal descendants of the Israelites in the Bible.

Brooks had shared the meme with a caption ‘#research’ and commented: ‘real game rite here’.

Brooks made his initial appearance in court Tuesday. He could be heard crying during the proceeding, leaning over with his head nearly in his lap, with his attorney resting a hand on his back.

He was charged with five counts of intentional homicide. Conviction on first-degree intentional homicide carries a mandatory life sentence, Wisconsin’s stiffest penalty.

Prosecutors also confirmed a sixth person, a child, has died and more charges are pending.

Jackson Sparks was walking in the parade along with his brother, who is still hospitalized. The other five people who were killed were adults.

‘This afternoon, our dear Jackson has sadly succumbed to his injuries and passed away,’ the page´s organizer, Alyssa Albro, wrote.

Earlier on Tuesday video emerged showing Brooks hammering on a stranger’s door claiming he waiting for an Uber – just 20 minutes after the attack.

He is also seen being surrounded by police officers who shout at him to put his hands up as he stands on the stranger’s front porch.

Brooks has since been charged with five counts of murder for the lives he took at the Waukesha Christmas parade in Wisconsin on Sunday night.

Doorbell camera video obtained by NBC News shows Brooks, wearing a red T-shirt, knocking on the door of resident Daniel Rider’s home, located around half a mile from the Waukesha Christmas parade.

A timestamp from the video shows he knocked on the door at one minute past 5 pm local time, which is roughly 20 minutes after Brooks allegedly drove his red SUV through safety barriers and into the crowds, killing five and injuring 48 others.

The victims have been identified as Dancing Grannies Virginia Sorenson, 79, Leanna Owens, 71 and Tamara Durand, 52, Citizen Bank employee Jane Kulich, 52, and 82-year-old Wilhelm Hospel, the husband of one of the grannies.

Police said Brooks was leaving a domestic dispute in his SUV when he plowed into the festive crowds.

And one neighbour claims his ex-girlfriend was seen ‘running away with no shoes and a black eye’, moments before the carnage.

The Waukesha resident, named only as Ebony, lives across the street from Brooks and told The Sun the suspect had regular fights with his partner which she tried to break up and threatened to call the cops.

The video comes as Milwaukee’s District Attorney faces furious questions about why alleged Brooks was out on the streets at the time of the attack after it emerged he’s been bailed twice this year despite a lengthy criminal history stretching back to 1999.

John Chisholm released a statement Monday admitting Brooks, 39, should not have been released on a $1,000 bond earlier this month following an alleged hit-and-run incident involving his girlfriend.

On Sunday, Brooks was fleeing the scene of a domestic dispute when he crashed into the crowds after smashing through safety barriers and breezing past cops.

Just 20 minutes later, Brooks is captured by the doorbell camera, shivering and standing on the porch before Rider opens his front door to him.

‘I called an Uber and I’m supposed to be waiting for it over here, but I don’t know when it’s coming,’ Brooks can be heard telling Rider. ‘Can you call it for me please? I’m homeless.’

Rider later told NBC News he did not know that the Christmas parade attack had happened at the time as he was in the middle of watching football after coming back from a hunting trip.

Rider said he had invited Brooks into his home and given him a jacket, made him a sandwich and let him use his phone.

‘All of a sudden, I look outside my street and I see a few cop cars drive by and I’m getting extra nervous,’ he said, before asking Brooks to leave – which he did.

Rider said his neighbor then called the police, and shortly afterwards Brooks began ‘pounding’ on Rider’s front door for a second time, claiming he had left his ID inside.

‘Then the next thing you know, you see the cops with lights on him saying, ‘Hands in the air, hands in the air.’

The video footage shows Brooks pacing around on Rider’s front porch before police officers can be seen arriving at the house with bright flash lights and ordering Brooks to put his hands in the air.

‘Whoa, whoa, whoa,’ Brooks says as he put his hands in the air.

It is not clear from the video whether the police arrested Brooks at the house.

A police officer later knocked on Rider’s door and asked, ‘Do you know this guy?’ to which Rider responded: ‘Absolutely not.’

Brooks was taken into custody in Waukesha on Sunday night after police found his red Ford SUV parked neatly in a driveway five blocks from where he drove through crowds of kids and elderly dancing groups.

On Sunday, he was fleeing the scene of a domestic dispute when he crashed into the crowds after smashing through safety barriers and breezing past cops. One officer tried to stop him by shooting at his car but he stopped because there  were too many people around for him to safely fire his weapon.

Police had just arrived at the home that Brooks had fled when he plowed into the parade crowds, killing five adults.

The victims have been identified as Dancing Grannies Virginia Sorenson, 79, Leanna Owens, 71 and Tamara Durand, 52, Citizen Bank employee Jane Kulich, 52, and 82-year-old Wilhelm Hospel, the husband of one of the grannies.

The Waukesha Police Department have now arrested Brooks on five murder charges.

The amateur rapper has a long criminal history dating back to 1999 with more than 15 arrests in the state of Wisconsin alone for charges including possession of drugs, strangulation and suffocation, battery, illegally possessing firearms as a convicted felon and resisting arrest.

On November 2, he was arrested on domestic violence charges after trying to ‘run over’ his ex, the mother of his child, at a gas station. His bond was set at $1,000 and he posted it on November 11th.

Earlier on Monday, the shamefaced Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office admitted it was ‘inappropriate’ for Brooks to be allowed out of jail on a $1,000 bond three weeks ago after trying to run over his ex-girlfriend, as he was charged with five counts of murder for the lives he took at the Waukesha Christmas Parade on Sunday night.

The Milwaukee County DA’s Office released a statement admitting the $1,000 bail was ‘inappropriately low’ given his criminal history. They said they’d launched an internal review as to why he was able to get out on bond to commit more crimes.

It has also emerged that Brooks, an amateur rapper who is also known by his stage name MathBoi Fly, is a convicted sex offender.

In 2006, he was convicted in a Nevada court for statutory rape after he had sex with a 15-year-old girl. Brooks was 24 years old at the time of his conviction.

The girl ended up pregnant and gave birth to Brooks’ child. The legal age of consent in Nevada is 16.

The amateur rapper’s lyrics also include ‘f*** the pigs’ and ‘f*** Donald Trump.’

Another song, posted on SoundCloud, has the lyrics: ‘They gonna need a cleaner for the s*** we did, all my killers Gacey where them bodies hid.’

The lyrics of another song read: Sliding through the city with no safety on.’

His rap songs also make mention of AK-47 assault rifles and killing people.

Milwaukee County Attorney John T Chisholm previously spoke of trying to reduce his county’s prison population. He even let a progressive criminal justice nonprofit called Vera perform an ‘audit’ on his office.

Vera, which is based in New York, opposes cash bail, with the implementation of that measure partially-blamed for a crime spike in NYC. Milwaukee saw murders spike by 95 per cent between 2019 and 2020, with 2021 currently recording as many homicides as there were by the same stage of 2020.

At a press conference on Monday afternoon, Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said: ‘This is not a terrorist event.’ Fire Chief Steve Howard said the scene was ‘like a warzone’.

‘It was just, for lack of a better word, carnage. There were adults, children injured.

‘Some of our first responders were there with their families and they left their families to help treat people. People with military backgrounds likened it to a war zone.’

Between July 2020 and February 2021, Brooks was in custody awaiting a trial date on a $7,500 bond for shooting at his nephew after a fight over his old cell phone.

The bond was dropped to $500 in February because the courts couldn’t give him a trial quickly enough.

He was arrested again on November 2 in Milwaukee for  hunting down the mother of one of his children at a hotel, then following her in the street with his SUV and running her over in the parking lot of a gas station after she refused to get in his car. obtained copies of his arrest warrant for that incident on Monday which reveal he followed her to a gas station, punched her ‘with a closed fist’ and then ‘ran her over.’

He was arrested and charged with five counts including bail jumping, for having failed to meet the terms of one of his many other sets of bail or probation requirements.

But on November 11, he posted a $1,000 cash bond. By November 19, he was on the streets again and by November 21, behind the wheel of his Ford again.

After Sunday night’s massacre, Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office issued a statement conceding the bail that was set was ‘inappropriately low.’

‘The bail recommendation in this case is not consistent with the approach of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office toward matters involving violent crime, nor was it consistent with the risk assessment of the defendant prior to setting of bail.

‘This office is currently conducting an internal review of the decision to make the recent bail recommendation in this matter in order to determine the appropriate next steps,’ the statement said.

Brooks is also listed as a sex offender in Nevada, where he was charged with having sex with a minor.

A social media video of him taken before Sunday’s incident shows him trying to explain that the victim was the mother of his oldest daughter who he ‘didn’t know was 16’ when they had sex.

Police sources told The Washington Post that Brooks he was fleeing the scene of a knife attack on Sunday when he smashed into the crowds at 4.39pm at the Waukesha parade.

One witness, a father whose daughter was in a dance troupe that was struck, said he made eye contact with him and that he was ‘calm and composed.’

Brooks lives some 20 miles away in Milwaukee in a suburban home w… (Read more)

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