Watchdog Group Calls For Investigation Into Jen Psaki’s Alleged ‘Conflict Of Interest’


A watchdog group called for an investigation into White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s alleged “conflict of interest” in a Tuesday letter to the Office of Government Ethics and the Department of Justice.

Reports circulated in early April of the press secretary’s intention to depart her current position and host a show on MSNBC’s streaming platform, Peacock, in coming weeks. Protect the Public’s Trust, a group consisting of retired and former public servants, said her negotiations with MSNBC from the podium raise “serious conflict of interest concerns.”

“Concerns about conflicts of interest when seeking new employment are not new, and the federal government has strict laws and regulations governing how employees conduct themselves,” the letter said. “Under federal law, it is a criminal offense punishable by five years in prison to willfully participate in any ‘particular matter’ in which an organization an employee is negotiating or has an arrangement regarding future employment has a financial interest.”

NEW: Jen Psaki’s use of her official position to disparage Fox News, the competitor of her prospective future employer MSNBC, warrants an investigation by the Office of Government Ethics and the Department of Justice, a watchdog group said Tuesday.https://t.co/JXKT25JEy1

The group also pointed to Psaki recently stating that Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy sounds like “a stupid son of a bitch” during an appearance on “Pod Save America,” raising concerns about her criticisms of a competing network of MSNBC.

“Ms. Psaki’s statements regarding Fox News appear to be a misuse of her official position that calls for further investigation,” the letter continued. “Fox News is a direct competitor of MSNBC and CNN, two companies with whom Ms. Psaki is or has been reportedly negotiating for future employment. Accordingly… (Read more)

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