Watchdog Gowdy Nails John Brennan with just One Question, Proving Trump is Innocent


Liberal media’s favorite topic these days is still Russian interference.

Trump is travelling the world making “peace” between nations, Islamic radicals attacked Manchester but liberal media only care about attacking President Trump.

They just can’t stand that he won the election and has done more for our nation in 4 months that Obama in 8 years.

Democrats want us to believe that Trump pushed Comey to shut down investigation into Flynn’s case. This is such a fake news! Even the memo that they so loudly talk about … doesn’t exist.

Watchdog Gowdy nails CIA director John Brennan before the House.

“Did you have evidence of a connection between the campaign and Russian state actors?”

“As I said, Mr. Gowdy, I don’t do evidence,” Brennan responded.

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