WATCH: Woman confronts Muslim men for harassing her, what they do to her next is DISGUSTING


Muslim immigrants believe they own the streets because the authorities are too “politically-correct” to do anything about it.

And that means average citizens are forced to endure mounting harassment, abuse or worse.

This 34-year-old woman was walking home with her boyfriend after a night out on the town when a gang of Muslim THUGS began verbally harassing her.

The woman wasn’t having it, and confronted the men, only to have them demonstrate exactly how Muslim men treat “infidels.”

For her trouble, the woman suffered a fractured nose and cheekbone, and then the Muslims set in on her boyfriend.

Police were able to identify the assailants from the CCTV footage, and are asking the public to help locate them.

Sadly, pursuing such thugs is not a high priority as the government doesn’t want to “offend” the Muslim population.

Source: Daily Mail

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