WATCH: Trump Supporters SHUT DOWN Maxine Waters’ Town Hall Meeting


Despicable California Congresswoman Maxine Waters thought she’d be safe holding a town hall meeting in her home state.

What she failed to take into account, or simply didn’t care about, is all the Californians who have lost their jobs thanks to the Democrats’ policies on illegal immigrants.

And the disgruntled showed up in droves to let Waters know just how angry they are.

Now, Waters made it clear she wasn’t interested in a REAL town hall, because she barred entry to anyone who disagreed with her, anyone who supports President Trump.

But the protesters would not be deterred.

Calling her “Dirty Waters” and chanting “Respect Our President,” they gathered at the building’s entrances and used bullhorns to drown out Waters’ speech inside.

Waters attempted to shout over the protesters, and at one point totally lost her cool and screamed that these folks had no right to disrupt her.

Guess she’s never heard of a little thing called the First Amendment.

Clearly defeated, Waters looked to flee the facility, but the protesters were waiting at all the exits.

They weren’t there to incite or resort to violence. They were there to let Waters know what the American people really think of the Democrats’ despicable policies.

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And that clearly panicked “Mad Max.”

H/T Mad World News

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