Watch: Ted Cruz Lays an Epic Smackdown on Democrats


Sporting his new rugged look, a bearded Ted Cruz on Thursday delivered a speech on the Senate floor that left Democrats, well, floored.

With deft precision, Cruz explained to the Democrats why their refusal to fund President Trump’s border wall is not just wrong, but grossly hypocritical.

Here are some of the more poignant moments of the speech:

So, let’s go over some of the facts. In the senator from Colorado’s angry speech, he did not dispute, number one, that he and every other Senate Democrat in 2013 voted for 350 miles of border wall. That’s a fact. He has voted for 350 miles of border wall, as did every other Democrat in this chamber at that time. Number two, he did not dispute that in December of last year, the then-Republican House of Representatives voted to fund the government, to fund the entirety of the government, and to secure the border, and the senator from Colorado and, I believe, every other Democrat, filibustered that bill and caused the shutdown.

…Had we taken up the bill, had we simply passed the bill the House of Representatives had passed funding the government and securing the border, the government would never have shut down. And so it takes some degree of chutzpah to stand up after filibustering funding for the government, as the Democrats did, and to blame the shutdown on the opposing party. The senator from Colorado did not dispute that the Republican House voted to fund the government, and he and his Democratic colleagues filibustered that, which caused the shutdown.

And the best part:

…the senator from Colorado did not dispute that the stated reason the Democrats filibustered that bill is because it authorized the funding of 234 miles of wall. Now, I have to say, Madam President, I find it amusing that a new adjective has creeped in. It’s now not 234 miles of wall, it’s “medieval” wall. I don’t know if there’s something in there that has a moat and has catapults and they’re throwing burning tar — medieval wall now. It’s kind of an odd thing. It does raise the question: Well, if walls are medieval, why did the senator from Colorado and every other Democrat in 2013 vote for 350 miles of medieval wall? To the extent walls are medieval, they presumably were medieval in 2013 just as much as they are now.

You can watch the whole speech here:

H/T The Daily Wire

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