WATCH: Scientific Proof That God is Protecting Israel


A number of bizarre occurrences, all in Israel’s favor, have taken place during the Jewish state’s numerous wars.

Time and again, someone or something seems to be intervening on Israel’s behalf, and confounding the plans of her enemies.

For instance, during the first Gulf War, Saddam Hussein fired no fewer than 39 SCUD missiles at the most densely populated part of Israel.

Miraculously, not one person was killed as a direct result of those missile strikes.

The scientific journal Nature set out to learn how in the world that could be possible. But after all their research, the experts simply chalked the phenomenon up to “luck.”

As the good doctor notes, you’ll never find another scientific study in the world’s leading scientific journals that cites “luck” as the deciding factor in a statistical analysis.

These scientists will never admit to it, but we all know what, or WHO, was really behind that miracle.

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