WATCH: Russian Minister Wants to Drop Pork on Muslim Country, and Putin Can’t Stop Laughing


Can you imagine the liberal outrage that would ensue if a Western leader, especially President Trump, did something like this?

But Vladimir Putin? He can get away with it.

Putin was taking part in a press conference with his minister of agriculture, Alexander Tkachov, when the latter suggested that Russia follow in Germany’s footsteps by increasing its pork exports.

Tkachov stated:

“They (Germany) send half their pork to export. Look at Germany’s numbers: five and a half million (metric tons) of pork produced a year, of that almost three million is exported to all countries, to China, to Indonesia, to Japan, Korea, and so on.”

Putin immediately noticed the problem, and commented that Indonesia, as a Muslim country, does not consume pork products.

Tkachov smirked and said, “They will,” suggesting Indonesia won’t have much of a choice if Russia changes its policies.

Now, at this point, Western politically-correct protocol would dictate a response of dignified disdain from the national leader.

Putin, however, bust out laughing, and even had to cover his face in a vain effort to prevent everyone from knowing just how funny he found the proposition of dumping tons of pork on a Muslim nation.

Source: Daily Mail

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