WATCH: Professor SHUTS DOWN Terror-Supporting Muslim Student HARD


All the liberal crybabies upset over President Trump’s tighter restrictions on Muslim immigration from the Middle East NEED TO WATCH THIS!

There is a VERY GOOD reason to take appropriate precautions. And this video proves it.

On a liberal university campus in these United States, a hijab-wearing Arab Muslim student tried to corner a Jewish professor giving a lecture.

That was a big mistake.

Not only was the student SHUT DOWN. The professor was actually able to bait her into admitting that she hopes terrorist groups like Hamas are one day able to exterminate all the Jews.

Perhaps this particular girl will never carry out an act of violence in her life.

But openly supporting and giving encouragement to those who will is no better than if she had killed someone herself.

And that’s why America needs to be so very careful about who it lets in.

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