WATCH: Priceless Look On College Students Faces After They Rant Against Trump To Only Find Out Interviewer Was Talking About Obama!


An old ad campaign made an expression famous: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste..”

It may still be true, although parents could be forgiven if they decided to edit it to read, instead: “Tuition for a college education is a terrible thing to waste.”

Rather than teaching college students the skills needed to exercise critical thinking and analysis that would actually serve them well in that thing called, “Life After College,” whether it involves a career in science, medicine, and research, the arts – music, art, design, writing or waiting tables, landscaping or driving trucks. And that leaves out the application of those thinking skills in making decisions like who to date and marry, who to vote for or even whether to drive home after having that ‘one last drink.’

But critical thinking skills and independent analysis are not the overwhelming lessons students learn in colleges that cosset them with safe spaces filled with puppies and coloring books, that cancel speeches by anyone who might ‘upset’ them with – oh the horror! – opinions or ideas that differ from those they are comfortable with, and allow them to substitute attendance at a Donald Trump protest for taking an actual final exam on class material.

Instead, they learn that it is dangerous to veer from the ‘groupthink’ that prevails not only among their peers but from the professors who hold their future in their hands through in-class ridicule, grades, reputation among other professors and within departments, recommendations for internships and graduate school admission.

These students live in a world where their professors open class with monologs laced with personal opinion and partisan invective against anything and everything conservative or Republican – including the president, as long as that president is Republican Donald Trump.

As evidence, Campus Reform offers a video interviewing the best and brightest minds of the younger generation of scholars at one of the nation’s pre-eminent institutions of higher learning.


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