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WATCH: Police DEMOLISH Liberal Protest, and the Crowd LOVES IT!


Oh, man. The American people have been waiting eight long years for this…

Finally, the rule of law is returning to our streets. Finally, police are able to do their job without fear.

The following video is just sinfully enjoyable.

A mob of liberals took to the streets of Portland and started blocking traffic as a means of imposing their whiney agenda on everyone else.

Police in riot gear approached, and the liberals were actually excited. They probably thought the officers would be too afraid to take any real action.

They were dead WRONG.

In the video, an officer is seen slamming one protester to the ground, teaching him a lesson he’ll never forget.

Oh, but the best part is how the crowd of average citizens gathered round about CHEERS for the officers.

“Take them all down!” one can be heard shouting.

Just watch, you’re going to LOVE IT:

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