WATCH: Obama’s Birth Certificate PROVEN A FORGERY, Fraudulently Fabricated Document, By Forensic Investigators On 2 Continents


We know that many websites consider this claim false and fake.  We want you to watch this video and consider the words of Mike Lullo e Sheriff Arpaio. 

Investigator Mike Zullo told the press, “We don’t know if he [Obama] is a natural born citizen or not” but said the document stands on its own as an elaborate forgery.

Utilizing forensic techniques, both old and new, investigators in both the U.S. and Italy came to the same conclusion about the documents authenticity.

Zullo told the press that his investigation was thwarted early on when officials in Hawaii were unwilling to cooperate on several occasions and even threatened him and others investigating the matter with arrest.

Sheriff Arpaio told the press that his team of experts are holding out on additional and “more sensitive information” which he would not talk about publicly at this time.

If taken through the proper channels and pursued by congress and federal officials Barack Obama may be charged with treason, which holds a penalty of ‘life in prison,’ at a future date.

Watch from Fox 10

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