WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Confronted – ‘Prison Time Is Coming…’


The walls have been closing in on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in recent weeks, as if Democrats are calling on her to resign due to continuing questions about her mental state. On Tuesday, things got even worse for her when a man confronted her in Washington D.C. and sent her an ominous warning.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Conservative Muricans posted footage of an unnamed man approaching Pelosi and tell her that she will be going to prison soon.
“Nancy!” the man calls out as he walks up to shake Pelosi’s hand.

“Hi,” Pelosi replies hesitantly.
“Prison time is coming soon – be ready,” the man fired back.

Pelosi appeared visibly shaken by what the man told her and immediately hurried away as he called out to her, “Donald Trump – not much time left.” Her only response to this was laughing awkwardly as she tried to talk to a new group of people.

This comes as Pelosi continues to suffer from a series of bizarre medical episodes on camera.

The American Mirror reported that though Trump has been in office for six months, Pelosi still seems to think that George W. Bush is president.

“Everything we have seen so far with the president has been about tax cuts for the rich,” she said. “In fact, affecting California very directly, is the Affordable Care Act. President, uh, uh, Bush has come out against that as you know.”


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