WATCH: Muslim THUGS picked the WRONG WHITE WOMEN to mess with


A growing number of people are no longer willing to be pushed around by Muslim immigrants who refuse to integrate and think they can impose their religion and culture on us.

Muslim thugs who pick on these people are in for a RUDE WAKE-UP CALL.

Such was the case recently on the London Underground when a group of Muslim women started hurling insults at two white women.

From Milo:

Luckily though, these two tough ladies were having absolutely none of it.

In the video, you can see the ladies completely shut down the group of Muslims harassing them.

Hopefully, the Muslims on the subway car didn’t get too offended because as we all know racism is what causes terrorism.

Europe has brought this upon itself. Things have gone too far. It’s only going to get worse before it can get any better.

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America still has a chance, if we listen to President Trump.

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