Watch: Muslim Migrants Attack Train Passengers on New Year’s Eve


It’s happening more and more often.

Cities with large, unassimilated groups of migrants suddenly turning on the host population.

You’d think such folks would be a little more grateful, having been allowed to leave the hardships of their home nations and resettle in the relevant comfort of the West.

But the frequency of incidents like that in the video below demonstrates that far too many migrants having a much different attitude toward their hosts.

This was posted by a man in Cologne, Germany, where locals were brutally assaulted on New Year’s Eve while riding the subway.

The attackers, all of them Muslim migrants, didn’t seem to care who they hurt, and appeared ready even to commit murder by pushing people onto the tracks.

The German man who posted the eye-witness video, Henryk Stoeckl, said that the incident could have ended in much greater tragedy had the migrants been there in greater numbers.

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